1. When are Hydrangeas available?
  2. Because of our excellent location we count with an exceptional combination of sunshine and rain, we can provide hydrangeas to our customers ALL YEAR LONG!

  3. What can I do in order to have my Hydrangeas last longer?
  4. Hydrangeas must be well hydrated if you want them to last longer. You can also follow these instructions:

    • - Cut stems under water.
    • - Change the water every second day.
    • - Re-cut the stems every third day.
    • - Place Hydrangeas in the coolest area available.
    • - Avoid drastic changes in temperature.
    • - Keep them away from both hot and cold air currents.
    • - Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.

  5. How do I order from Flores Guadalupe?
  6. Just contact any of our sales representatives and they will gladly attend all of your needs.

  7. How do we pay?
  8. Either by e-check, wire transfer* or direct deposit. We have bank account in US Territory

    *Special discounts on promt payments * ask your sales representative for details.

  9. Where are you located?
  10. We are located in El Carmen del Viboral, 20 minutes from Rionegro, Antioquia-Colombia.